Puma Dance Dictionary presents a literary classic

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The Puma Dance Dictionary presents a literary classic with a unique interpretation of the ʻNunnery Sceneʼ from Shakespeareʼs Hamlet.

Freestylers, Storyboard P, King Charles, Pac Man and Worm come together again with LA Choreographer - Super Dave - to encrypt each word from the iconic speech into unique dance moves.

The Puma Dance Dictionary was created last summer as a social application for teenagers to send coded messages to one another in the form of dance moves. But this latest iteration of the campaign explores the potential for dance to introduce a generation bought up on music videos to classic literature. What the 16th century playwright would make of Memphis Jookinʼ, locking, popping and turfing, is anyoneʼs guess.

Advertising Agency: Grey, London, UK

Chief Creative Officer: Nils Leonard // Copywriters / Art Directors: Matt Newman, Nils Leonard
Creative Director: Andy Lockley / Creatives: Matt Newman, Nils Leonard
Designers: Ryan Connolly, Chris Chapman / Agency Producers: Rebecca Pople, Dee Butler
Assistant Agency Producer: Alex Manzi / Creative Producer: Maxine Hose
Digital Producers: Andreas Zaremba, Sarah Brennan, Peter Jacobs
Digital Strategist: Jez Dutton / Information Architect: Colin Franks
Managing Partner: Sam Southey / Business Directors: Susan Pratchett, Blair Meyler
Account Director: Youssri Rahman / Planning Director: Christianne Hamilton
Production Company: SomeSuch&Co / Director: Daniel Wolfe
Director of Photography: Andre Chematov / Production Company Producer: Lee Groombridge
Editor: Matt Newman // After Effects: Russ Tams / Hogarth
Post Production: Hogarth / Framestore // Sound Design: Liam Conwell / Hogarth
Music: Composed // Music Supervisors: Dom Bastyra / Platinum Rye, David Laub / First and Last
Choreographer: Super Dave