Baygon "Double Nozzle"

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Insects like Mosquitoes and Cockroaches are more that just a disgusting pest in South East Asian countries. They are regarded as a threat to health and life as they carry dangerous diseases. So as soon as you see one, you’d want to kill it.

Most people still use non-category solutions to kill them—like stepping on roaches or swatting mosquitos with electric rackets. Even if inconvenient and messy--they can see the immediate effect.

All other insecticide sprays have very similar products claims like: works fast, kills immediately and lasts longer. In order to stand out, Baygon’s Multi Insect Killer with its new Double Nozzle needs a disruptive statement. One that would stand out visually and telegraph immediately to people that mosquitoes and roaches stand no chance of survival. That Baygon work a thousand time better than any stomp, swat or spray in killing pests.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Shanghai, China

Global Creative Leader: Andres Ordoñez
Creative Leader: Wai Foong Leong, Arício Fortes
Concept Team: Arício Fortes, Kelvin Leong, Jianzhong Tam
Creative Director: Mukund Olety
Creative Leader on Production Company: Daniel Salles
Producer: Grace Yu
Account Director: Alvina Seah
Account Service: Darryl Juinio, Leonie Chen