Canada Post Corporation - Year of the Dog

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“The lantern is such a quintessential symbol of the Lunar New Year celebrations. We wanted it to play a pivotal role in the design of these stamps, hence the idea of beautifully illuminated lanterns with elaborate dog illustrations on them”, says Subplot Founder and Creative Director, Roy White. 

Designer Liz Wurzinger remembers, “Meimei’s intricate dog characters were translated onto lanterns and then shot by photographer Raeff Miles, bringing a warmth, richness and depth to the final images.”

Concept & Design: Subplot Design Inc.

Creative Director: Roy White, Matthew Clark
Lead Designer: Liz Wurzinger
Illustration: Meimei Mao
Photography: Raeff Miles Photography
Calligraphy: Albert Ng
Client: Canada Post
Printer: Lowe Martin

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