Convenant House "Real Life" by GSW - #humantrafficking prevention month

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On TV, s@@ trafficking looks like this. In reality, it looks more like the girl next door.

In real life pimps don't tie girls down with ropes. That's what emotional dependence and lies are for.

You might imagine s@@ trafficking is all about chains. It is, but the links are made of fear, drugs, and money.

S@@ trafficking in the US isn't what you think. The real shackles used by pimps are physiological, which means they are far harder to break. Help us fight it. Text: "FIGHT" to 52000 to donate $10.

January is national #humantrafficking prevention month

Advertising Agency: GSW, USA

ECD: Nick Capanear
Photography: Ale Burset
Post Production: Diego Speroni
Production Company: L-Artist Production, Wolf Creedo

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