Kenya Forest Service "Protect Our Trees, Protect Our Heritage"

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Protect Our Trees, Protect Our Heritage

Client: Kenya Forest Service

Illegal charcoal trading has been one of the biggest challenges facing East African forests for generations. Between 1990 and 2010, East African forests have shrunk by over 20% from 107 million hectares to a mere 85 million due to increasing deforestation.

This not only destroys flora but also leads to more severe issues such as deforestation and contributes to climate change. Additionally, it also demolishes habitats of animals residing in these forests, slowly depleting their populations.

To combat this challenge, we developed a campaign to and raise awareness of the various consequences of charcoal trading and usage, encouraging Kenyans to adopt more sustainable charcoal production techniques to preserve our forests and our wildlife.

Advertising Agency: Scanad, Nairobi, Kenya

Chief Creative Officer: Deepesh Jha
Creative Director: Deepesh Jha, Muhammad Shameem
Art Director: Muhammad Shameem
Copywriter: Deepesh Jha
Illustrator: Martin Mwangi
Photographer: Pixcaliba, Positive pictures
Additional Credits: Pixcaliba, Positive pictures

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