Volkswagen "Translate your Volkswagen T-Cross with the new Cognitive Manual."

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The Cognitive Manual is a new tech innovation from Volkswagen, featured in the new Volkswagen T-Cross.

The Cognitive Manual allows drivers to get answers to any and all questions about the car by asking the app or taking a picture of the icons on the dashboard. After all, users are often confused by the meaning of these icons, and the campaign specifically plays on that. It's almost as if the Cognitive Manual allows people to "translate" their new T-Cross.

It's not genie time.

Translate your Volkswagen T-Cross with the new Cognitive Manual.

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil

Partner: Luiz Sanches
Chief Creative Officer: Luiz Sanches
Creative Director: André Gola, Bruno Prosperi, Keka Morelle, Marcelo Nogueira, Pernil .
Creative: João Souza, Yan Prado
Art Director: João Souza
Copywriter: Yan Prado
Art Buyer: Tereza Setti
Approval: Leandro Ramiro