Samsung slams Apple "On the Fence"

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Samsung released a new ad on November 2nd, the singular purpose of which seems to be to poke fun at Apple. The spot is only 30 seconds long, enough to be televised and broadcast online. Several iPhone owners discuss that they are still waiting for something, and one of them even climbs the fence to look into the neighbor's garden.

A recent study from South Korea shows that consumers are switching 3-4 times more to foldable phones from the iPhone than two years ago. Rumors say that Apple is waiting until 2024 to enter the foldable phones market, and it might not even be through a phone but a laptop or tablet. 2025 seems a safer bet, and Apple wants to be 100% convinced that it has a viable product that doesn't break easily and is attractive to the masses, possibly offering something more than its rivals.

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