Amazon Prime Video "The live trailer"

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Creative Idea:

The first trailer that you can't see but you can feel. A sensorial live experience for the launch of the Prime Original series "Un Extraño Enemigo" which revived the massacre of the 68 and became an act of collective memory without precedent with the use of technology, stunts, lights, surround sound and the performance of a helicopter.

•    Client: Amazon Prime Video 
•    Idea: The Live Trailer 
•    Agency: Archer Troy
•    Creative VP: Mike Arciniega
•    General Creative Director: Abraham Quintana Garay / Carlos Fernández Oxté
•    Creative Director: Esli Martinez 
•    Copywriter: Edgar Ábrego
•    Account Director: Mariana Torrijos
•    Account Supervisor : Samantha Ayala
•    Production: Javier Velázquez

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