Audi #EverAfter, the same old tale as you’d never imagined it before

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Video advertising:

A girl, her fairy godmother, a faboulous carriage, a wolf and an unattainable dream are the protagonists of many stories. This, on the other hand, is not like all the others.

Advertising Agency: Proximity, Barcelona, Spain

Global Chief Creative Officer: Eva Santos
Creative Director: Carles Alcon
Creative Supervisor: Anna Soler Chopo
Art Directors: Bruno Spagnuolo, Juan Cantero, Sonia Fernandez
Copywriter: Edu Escudero
Client Service Director: Amanda Muñiz
Account Manager: Patricia Miret
Supervisors: Laura Conte, Paulina Arana, Gisela Castellvell
Strategic Planner: Patricia Urgoiti
Communication Director: Laura Carrillo
Production Director: Maria Soler Chopo
Animation Studio: post23
Animation Director: Jordi Garcia
Art Director: Bor Arroyo
Production: Sr. Alice / Live Action
Director: Fernando Trullols Santiago / Live Action
Musical Direction / Sound: Making Music In Silence
Composer: Jesús Díaz