Demi "Beauty is in the mind of the beholder" by TBWA

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Problems with self-esteem and self-acceptance are beginning to be more common in younger people than ever before. Social media and its many beauty filters distort the self-image of children and young people.

Media has the power to influence the current standards of beauty – either by adding the pressure to look a certain way or alleviating it.

A Finnish young people’s media Demi launches a campaign in the hopes of opening a conversation regarding the pressure of the many beauty standards teenagers have to face.

Beauty is in the mind of the beholder
Social media has severely distorted the concept of beauty.
Take action for healthier self-image at


Advertising Agency: TBWA, Helsinki, Finland

Chief Creative Officer: Jyrki Poutanen
Executive Account Director: Noora Murremäki
Creative Director: Erno Reinikainen
Content Director: Markus Nieminen
Copywriter: Tuomas Perälä, Sini Teppola, Lasse Perälampi
Creative Technologist: Juhana Hokkanen
Art Director: Matti Virtanen
Planner: Jesse Korhonen
Project Management Trainee: Henna Rajala
Photography: Tuukka Koski, Koski Syväri
Post Production: Kasimir Häiväoja, FLC Helsinki

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