Emergency NGO: Every Person Matters

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“We firmly believe every person matters, and can make a difference. Recognizing everyone’s dignity is our better antidote against racism and indifference. And this is the best thing we can wish to everyone for the next year.”
-- Rossella Miccio, EMERGENCY President

In 2017, over 65.6 million people were forced to leave their Country: an unprecedented number. Every minute, 20 people were forced to leave their home.
Our wish for 2018? To remember that every person matters.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Italy

Chief Creative Officers: Paolo Iabichino, Giuseppe Mastromatteo
Client Creative Director: Lavinia Francia / Senior Art Director: Andrea Sghedoni
Producer: Francesca D’Agostino / Production House: Mercurio
Executive Producer: Francesco Pistorio / Producer: Alessandro Cavriani
Assistant Producer: Lara Biazzi / Director: Gigi Piola
Photography: Alessio Viola / Editing: Romina Bagatin
Post production: Post Atomic / Telecinema: Daniel Pallucca
Original Soundtrack: Luca Morelli / Mix / Sound Design: Andrea Costantini, Luca Morelli