Fiat "Party" by Leo Burnett

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The actress Paolla Oliveira, advertising girl of Fiat since 2015, is back and gives a "spoiler" on the new conditions of payment of the cars of the brand. The actress spreads infos about special bonuses and zero rate on the main lines of the automaker.

In the campaign, Paolla invites the public to a "party" that, according to her, will continue in the social media of Fiat.

Agency: Leo Burnett Tailor Made

Title: Party

Product: Retail Factory

Campaign: Spoiler

Advertiser: FCA Fiat Chrysler Automóveis Brasil Ltda.

CCO: Marcelo Reis

VP / ECD: Wilson Mateos

Creative Director: Tomas Correa

Writers: Marcelo Reis, Tomas Correa and Alex Villena

Art Director: Tiago Padilia and Fernando Patucci

Attendance: Fabio Brito, Karol Alberti, Katia Simonato, Rafael Vida, Fernanda Graf, Nathan Simeão, Ana Ceolin, Henrique Assis, Jéssica Saravalli and Bruna Salomão.

Media: Andrea Hirata, Daniela Franco, Carla Caramante, Bruno Buosi, Rennan Aurieni, Rodolfo Contiero and Ingrid Galloro

Planning: Tiago Lara, Gustavo Zilles, Vinícius Azerêdo and Andressa Rodrigues

Digital projects / Content: Denis Gustavo, Andreza Aguiar and Bruno Tozzini

Director of Integrated Production: Maria Fernanda Moura

RTV: Camila Aquino

Project Manager: Pedro Rais and Leonardo Ricciardi

Approval: Frederico Bergonzoni Battaglia, Maria Lúcia Antonio, Ana Brant, Sara Avelar and Ana Pepino

Producer: Prodigo Films

Executive Producer: Francesco Civita and Chico Pedreira

Customer Service: Rita Costa

Director: Caito Ortiz

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director: Lipp Santangelo

Cinematographer: Ralph Strelow

Art Director: Olivia Helena

Production Coordinator: Bruno Pirozzi and Nathalie Gautier

Producer: Renato Salmaso

Editing: André Dias, AMC

Sound Producer: Quiet City Music + Sound

Music Production: Chris Jordan

Audio Finishing: Quiet City Team

Production Assistant: Xanna Dáguiar and Karina Vadasz

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