The North Face "Change The Face Of It"

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Panty Wall. Smell Of A Fat Chick. Girlfriend Skiing. Lady Wildcats. These are not just some random derogatory terms stringed together by us. These are, in fact, just a few of the many sexist terms, slangs, and phrases you will hear in the outdoors. These terms, obviously, were coined by men. They are names of rock climbing routes, a skiing technique, and female athletic teams respectively, making the outdoors an uncomfortable space for women. 

But, in order to encourage and inspire the next generation of female explorers, The North Face has decided to Change The Face Of It, forever.

Advertised Brand: The North Face

Campaign Title: Change The Face Of It 

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Mumbai

Personal Credits: 

Copywriter - Khushali Bhansali 

Art Director - Vidhi Agarwal 

Art Director - Siddhant Karale 

Art Director - Nihal Bambulkar