Renault Twingo Stiletto by Luis Onofre

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Lisbon is notorious for being less than friendly for walking in heels. That has sent the women of the city running for their cars, but driving in heels is no easier feat.  When Renault challenged us to make a big impression at the presentation of the New Renault Twingo at this year's VFNO, we decided to put an end to this conundrum.  Enter the Twingo Stiletto by Luís Onofre. A partnership with famed shoe designer Luís Onofre, this shoe promises great style wherever you go.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Lisbon, Portugal

Creative Director:Pedro Ribeiro / Art Director:Ricardo Ferreira, Pedro Oliveira, Arek Baczyk
Copywriter:Maria Lisbon, Freddie Brando / Account Director:Maria João Santos
Client Service Director:Susana Doutor / Production:Cristina Almeida, António Junior
Edition:Mastershot, Hugo Late