Renault: "Escape To Real" by Publicis

Ad Agency
Video advertising:

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, France

Executive Creative Officer: Marcelo Vergara
Copywriter: Natalia Huidobro
Art Directors: Cecilia Astengo, Olivier Verdy
Digital: Denis Trichet, Benjamin Amadei, Clément Salgado
Social Media: Marie Sloutchansky
Strategic Planning: Bela Ziemann, Shashank Hariharan, Deborah Tapia
Account Managers: Rob Goodwin, Elodie Orosco, Sonia Vasseur, Frédéric Moussairoux, Camille Boisjibault, Julie Maille, Guilhem Touya
Film Director: Andreas Grassl
Production Company: Improductibles / Busterwood
Producer: Eoin Sherry
DoP: Bernd Wondollek
VFX: One More

Virtual or human? Discover the new face of Renault KADJAR. A first in the car world: Renault has created its own virtual ambassador, Liv, for the SUV New Renault KADJAR.
In this campaign, Liv, a simple blank canvas at the outset, will be faced with an authentic driving experience, a return to what’s real.
By launching its own virtual ambassador, Renault wants to prove the extent to which the on-board experience and feelings are authentic, exhilarating and thrilling, and that even though Liv is entirely virtual, the experience itself is completely real and so much more rewarding.

New Renault KADJAR is a real, genuine SUV, that is the perfect embodiment of the essence of the Renault brand, i.e. vehicles for real people, for their everyday lives and their journeys. It offers all the attributes they require: an all-new range of petrol and diesel engines for an increase driving pleasure, and a two-wheel or four-wheel drive. It is also comfortable, spacious and reliable, and at the same time boasts an attractive new exterior design.