TARGET - Save the day with the Justice League

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We teamed up with the guys and girls at 72 and Sunny to create this spot as part of their campaign around Target's collaboration with DC, bringing the Justice League into their stores. It was the first time the Target stores had been animated, so we had to work closely with the Target art team to make sure every detail was 100%.


LIENT: Target
AGENCY: 72andSunny
John Boiler CEO/Founder
Aaron Howe Creative Director
Eric Burnett Senior Writer
Jaclyn Markle Designer
Ryan Iverson Junior Writer
Helena Yueh Junior Producer
Ellen Pot Senior Film Producer
Erin Goodsell Film Producer
Autumn Abbruzzi Brand Manager
Jaimie Mazzola Brand Coordinator

Ingi Erlingsson Creative Director
Ewen Stenhouse Art Director/ Director
Ant Baena Producer
Norm Breyfogle Lead Designer
Ewen Stenhouse, Norm Breyfogle and Yohan Auroux Storyboards

EDITORIAL: Golden Wolf Editing done by Golden Wolf

ANIMATION: Golden Wolf
Ewen Stenhouse, Tim Whiting, Peter Dodd, James Duveen, Carlos De Faria, Sam Taylor, Jerry Forder, Joe Sparrow, Matthew Timms and Isobel Stenhouse Animators
Alex Fernadez and Stefano Ottaviano Compositors

DESIGN: Golden Wolf
Norm Breyfogle, Ewen Stenhouse, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, James Duveen, Marie Ecarlat, Yohan Auroux, Bobbie Jean Litsenberger Designers
Willy Moon: What I Want

SOUND DESIGN: Barking Owl Sound Effects
Michael Anastasi Sound Designer
Kelly Bayett Executive Producer/Creative Director
Brock Babcock Mixer

FINISHING: Barking Owl
Elexis Stern Executive Producer
Abisayo Adejare Producer
Mark Holden VFX Artist