Women Moving Millions "Give Bold to #GetEqual"

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International creative animation/design studio LOBO teamed up with Hive and nonprofit Women Moving Millions to get real with the facts about women’s equality in a new mixed media video launching the organization’s new ‘Give Bold #GetEqual’ campaign. The collage-style mixed media piece fuses powerful images of female activism including revered activists such as Gloria Steinem with bold graphics to highlight the staggering statistical inequities of funding for women’s initiatives. The fast paced montage lays out the fact that only 1.6 percent of funds raised go to organizations and causes benefitting women and girls, despite prevalent need in many areas of female-oriented causes, inspiring donors to ‘Give Bold to #GetEqual.’ The piece was launched at the Women’s Moving Millions annual summit on September 10, 2020, kicking off the two-day virtual event on the theme “The Power of Us” with a bold commitment towards women’s equality and closing the funding gap.

Women Moving Millions is driven by a mission and core purpose to mobilize unprecedented resources for women and girls, which currently only receive 1.6% of philanthropic funds. The organization has made a bold commitment to mobilize $100M for women and girls by 2022. The campaign seeks to close the funding gap to allow for action to address the systemic and cultural barriers to equality that continue to affect the lives of millions of women globally.


Client: Women Moving Millions

Agency: Hive

Design & Animation: LOBO