The end of the year is being celebrated with a dreamlike adventure by Cartier

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The Maison Cartier and Publicis Luxe have created a dreamlike adventure to celebrate the end of the year. The campaign is inspired by magical winter tales and Cartier's iconic jewels. The campaign invites us to cross the starry night aboard a fabulous ship and embark on an imaginary journey. The journey carries the world of Cartier and spreads the festive spirit around the world. The campaign features all the iconic jewels of the Maison Cartier, including the legendary Tank watch and the Love ring, spread around 16 animated capsules and a series of dreamlike images. Publicis Luxe has fully crafted this international campaign, which takes us on a magical journey to moments of enchantment and pure magic.

Sr Vice President Chief Marketing Officer -Arnaud Carrez

Global creative & strategic communications director - Emmanuelle Guillon

Creative Product Content Director - Marco Terroni

Creative Product Content Senior Manager - Charlotte Temam

Creative Product Content Project Manager - Bettina Ghinozzi

Creative Product Content Post-Production Manager - Valentine Karas


Executive Creative Director - Jasmine Loignon 

Associate Creative Director - Adrien Cussonneau 

Copywriter - François Pelce

Art Directors - Jeremy Givord, Hugo Matringe, Erevan Joseph, Margaux Courveaulle 

Associate General Manager - Amandine Ribeiro

Commerce: Iris Decoux, Sara Tazekrit, Valentine Guigou

Post-Producer - Laurence Lévy

Art Purchase - Veronique Bataille, Christine Bouffort, Beatrice Kagan


3D & Home Decor - Hugo Fournier produced by Watch Out 

Animation and Interior Design - Mathematics

Production - Christine Bouffort (Prodigious)

Music - Prodigious


NM Print et Digital – Maud Rémy-Lonvis

Post-production – Tout Joli

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