The Noid Springs Onto TikTok in Domino’s Dance Challenge #AvoidTheNoid

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After the sudden return of the famed 80’s Domino’s antagonist The Noid, the brand villain is bounding onto TikTok with his attempt at a dance challenge gone awry.

The Noid begins his short to the tune of Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” only to scramble his steps and throw an ear-tugging tantrum. Users can duet to the dance and ‘avoid The Noid’ along with his weapon of choice before the Pizza Crusher makes a classic reappearance. Audiences can use the official #AvoidTheNoid hashtag to put their own spin on the encounter

Click HERE to view the TikTok.

Click HERE to view the brand duet with @basementgang TikTok trio, who boast 3.6M followers and 74.7M likes.

The Noid was initially introduced in 1986 and has remained a fan favorite and brand wink-nod since, featured in teasing snippets on merchandise and easter eggs leading up to the Spring 2021 relaunch.


Agency: WIP (Work In Progress)

Client: Domino's Pizza

Music Company: Butter Music + Sound 

Executive Producer: Annick Mayer 

Music Supervisor: Kayla Monetta 

Coordinator: Malayna Ellis

Artist: Pat Benatar

Label: Capitol Records

Publisher(s): Zync Music, Sony Music