Samsung "The WIN-WIN Marathon"

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Samsung Israel presents:
“The WIN-WIN Marathon”

The first Marathon ever where everybody wins first place in their own very, very, very, very, very specific category

Everyone knows that you don’t win a marathon; you run a marathon.
That is, everyone knows that except Samsung who will be sponsoring the Tel Aviv Marathon - Israel’s biggest sports event of the year – for the seventh consecutive time. A year ago, the brand famously reworked its brand promise and now communicates under the “Do What You Can’t” tagline. A promise that sets a completely new standard and is notoriously challenging to live up to – whether you are a brand or a person.

That’s why Samsung is doing the unbelievable and this year it will allow e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e to win first place at the Tel Aviv Marathon! Impossible you may say. Unimaginable you may add. Absurd you may think… well they are doing it all the same and everyone will win first place.


Samsung will use runners’ data to create a personal category for each individual runner, which they will be sure to win in. Specifically, Samsung will be asking every runner to complete a personal online questionnaire as part of his or her marathon registration process. The data collected at that point and the data collected after the race (personal time, pace, distance etc) will be fed into a system that will create for every contestant their very own, exclusive ‘category of one’.

Thus, there will only be one winner who is a man, lives in Tel Aviv, is a sworn ‘Grateful Dead’ fan and surfs a SUP in his spare time. There will only be one winner, who ran the half –marathon, comes from kibbutz Nir David, owns a Jeep Touring company and has seen all the Star Wars movies ever. 

Thanks to this playful approach, Samsung will give all marathon runners the encouragement they need to face whatever challenges they come up against and emerge victors.

Agency Credits: Leo Burnett Israel

Client: Samsung Israel

CEO: Ori Gal

CCO: Ami Alush

VP Client Services: Idit Zukerman

VP Strategy: Zemer Doron

Strategic Planner: Liz Stull

Creative Manager: Elad Gaizler

Creative Team: Achiya Darshan, Meital Miller, Oren Ben Naim, Tal Abugov

Account Supervisor: Orian Liber

Account Manager: Efrat Gelfand

Producer: Menny Zarhia

Studio Manager: Sagi Valenstain

Studio: Shaked Frenkel

Media: Publicis Media

Marcom: Eva Hasson

Director: Shushu E. Spanier

Productions Company: Udini Films

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