Diesel "SIDE:BIZ"

Image advertising:

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Milan, Italy

Client: Diesel

The influencers are the stars of the fashion world. That’s why, to launch the new Denim collection, instead of using
influencers, Diesel turned followers into promoters.

Just by getting a unique link, followers could open their own DIESEL store. And we rewarded them with discounts, DIESEL items and exclusive experiences, every time their friends used the link to shop.

The more they promoted the link, the more rewards they got. And to give them an extra hand, DIESEL took that content
and promoted it on officials channels.

Global CCO: Bruno Bertelli
CCO Italy: Cristiana Boccassini
Creative Director:Thiago Cruz, Mihnea Gheorghiu
Creative Supervisor:Costanza Rossi
Digital Creative Director:Sandra Bold, Marco Viganò
Associate Creative Director:Vinicius Dalvi, Eddy Guimarães
Art Director:Cecilia Moro, Alice Teruzzi, Lionel Soria
Copywriter:Francesca Ferracini
Jr Art Director:Alex Eftimie
Jr Copywriter:Anton Kuerschner
Client Service Director:Eleni Charakleia
Account Director:Ilaria Castiglioni, Filippo D’Andrea
Senior Strategic Planner:Monica Radulescu
Social Media Manager:Doina Tatu
Executive Producer:Francesca Zazzera
Producer: Tania Dal Pra, Chantal El Haber
Art Buyer: Caterina Collesano
Director: Ali Ali
DoP:Pierre Mouarkech
Executive Producers:Sabine Farah, Khaled Zaki
Line Producer:Karim Osman
Digital Content Director:Ahmed Tahoun
Editor: Neda Ahmed
Editor Digital Content: Tommaso Bianchi
Colourist: Richard Fearon
Colour Ep: Leianna Campbell
Online: Adolfo Navire
Online Digital Content: Alessandro Congiu
Music Supervision & Consultancy: Michael Bertoldini
Executive Music Producers: Seppl Kretz, Michiel Marsman
Sync and Licensing: Ilana Goldstoff, Stefano Binotto

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