Greenpeace "iAmsterdam becomes iAmazonia"

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Client: Greenpeace

It’s only when something is gone that we realise how much we miss it. If we lose the Amazon rainforest, we lose the fight against the climate crisis forever. This will impact us all. Share the message and sign the petition to save the Amazon rainforest:
iAmsterdam becomes iAmazonia in Amsterdam Amazon solidarity pact.
#iamazonia #iamsterdam 

Remember when the world-famous iAmsterdam sign disappeared from in front of the Dutch capital's iconic Rijksmuseum? Well, it came back - with a little change to express solidarity with the communities of the Brazilian Amazon.

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Belgium

Creative Director: Koenraad Lefever
Creative Team: Karel De Mulder, Arnaud Bailly
Account team: Jessica Danese, Steven Boen, Axelle Gontier, Anaïs Lavie
Strategic Director: Jorian Vanvossel
Pr Manager: Noemie Mwanzuzi
Rtv Producers: Daan Feytongs, Saartje Gooris
Sound Engineer: Jeroen Goossens
Post Production: Bart Callaerts
Event Producer: Christ Lannoy
Production: Soulvizion
Director: Bram Rekers
Producer: Erik van der Zwan
Editor: Jesse Vulink
Sound: Merijn Kramp
Photographer: Olivier Truyman

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