Sekron Digital "If they need it, you need it"

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Real footage of the most well-guarded or armed places on earth proves one point: even they need a security cam to reinforce security. And if marines, army, police and even Olympic fight champions count on it, ordinary people must count on it too.

If they need it, you need it

Client: Sekron Digital

Advertising Agency: Grey, Sao Paulo, Brazil

CEO: Marcia Esteves
CCO: Adriano Matos
ECD: Rodrigo Tórtima
Creative Director: Alexandre Fernandes
Associate Creative Director: José Arnaldo Suaid
Art Directors: Felipe Petroni, Gabriel Cavalheiro, Phillipe Santos
Copywriters: Airton Dias, Felipe Cirino, José Arnaldo Suaid
Account Manager: Renata Tolentino
Graphic Production: Robinson Silva
Media: Fábio Tachibana, Steffanie Nunes, Alexandre Fermoselle, Rafael Nascimento
Project Manager: Nathalia Benevidas
Photographer: Getty Images / Alamy