Burger King "Whopper for the future"

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Burger King, the famous fast-food brand, launched the "Whopper to the Future", the first hamburger to be sent to you in 2030.

The advertising campaign, initiated by creative agency Buzzman for Burger King, explains that before there is a tragedy like in 2020, the Whopper can be sent to the future and at least there will be something to make you happy.

The commercial shows the timeline of what could happen from now to 2030. The schedule starts in 2020 goes all the way to "Pay for Oxygen" in 2057 and even to the dinosaurs that ruled the Earth in 3129.

"Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring," says the voiceover, "At least send yourself something good in the future."

All you have to do is to open the Burger King app, choose a date, order a "Whopper for the future" and wait for the Whopper to come years later.

Advertising Agency: Buzzman, France

Client: Burger King

President and Executive Creative Director: Georges Mohammed-Chérif
Vice – President: Thomas Granger
Managing Director: Julien Levilain
Creative Directors: Tristan Daltroff, Louis Audard
Art Director: Louis Audard
Copywriter: Tristan Daltroff
Art Director Assistant: Vincent Tavernier
Head of Account: Loïc Coelho
Account Executive: Benjamin Nollet
Head of Social Media: Julien Scaglione
Social Media Consultant: Félix Brunot
Social Media Consultant: Arnaud Cherbonnier
Head of PR & Communication: Amélie Juillet
PR & Communication Manager: Paul Renaudineau
Head of TV Production: Vanessa Barbel
TV Producer: Assya Mediouni
Production: Mecanique Générale
Sound Production: Schmooze

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