Cayman Islands Department of Tourism: "Blue Iguana and Flower Divers"

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Dream In Cayman- Flower Divers 30sec
Dream In Cayman - Flower Divers
Dream In Cayman – Blue Iguana

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Dive deep into the Caribbean’s most enchanting travel destination. Dance with stingrays. Count the twenty shades of blue beyond the shade of thatch palm and orchids. In the Cayman Islands, enchantment awaits on every level. Explore the Cayman Islands:

Journey to the Caribbean’s softest sand and clearest water. Dance  with stingrays. Believe in blue iguanas. Experience the tingling  of a hundred first discoveries.  In the Cayman Islands, your wildest  dreams are closer than you think. 

Advertising Agency: The Richards Group

Client: Cayman Islands Department of Tourism


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