Eisenbahn "No detail is too small for beer lovers"

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Creative design and mixed media studio LOBO conducts the Eisenbahn locomotive once again on its barreling journey to collect and deliver classic beer ingredients in a stop-motion spot for the brewery, out of agency SUNO United Creators. Directed by Gabriel Nobrega, Eisenbahn founder Juliano Mendes steers the train down dizzying tracks, collecting payloads of hops, grains and more, heating up the beer making process. 

Matching the spirit of “craft” that remains the basis of Eisenbahn’s philosophy, the spot was produced with a combination of live action and playful animation styles including pixelation, and mixed-media live elements seeing the train along its tracks--and even diving into the lager itself. LOBO constructed an entire bar in-studio for the shoot, printing every frame of animated sequence on actual cut and painted cardboard.


Director: Gabriel Nobrega

Advertiser: Eisenbahn

Agency: SUNO United Creators

Executive Producers: Francisco Puech Leão, Alberto Lopes, Sérgio Salles

DP: Lucas Andres Barreto

Art Director: Marcos Gardonyi Carvalheiro

Attendance: Thaís Lopes, Marcia Guimarães

Producer: Eduardo Silva, Ricardo Vaz

Post Coordination: Clara Morelli, Rosangela Gomes

Coordination of Stop Motion and Miniatures Team: Bianca Viani

Art Direction and Set Design Stop Motion / Miniatures: Fabiana Fukui, Borys Duke

Art Assistant: Michelle Chuang, Ani Valentim and Pedro pine

Miniature Roller Coaster Project: Carmem Guerra

Miniature Train: Leonardo Muela, Ricardo Argenton

Rigs | Stop Motion / Miniature: Leonardo Muela, Ricardo Argenton, Nidin Sanches

Art | Stop Motion / Thumbnails: Fabiana Fukui, Borys Duke, Moon Nucci

Animation and Motion Control Assistant | Making of: Nidin Sanches

Executive Production Assistant: Marcelo Abrahão Jacob

Practical Special Effects Technician: Shiyozi Izuno Filho, Julio Aires Sobrinho

Cenotechnician: Aldacir Alberto Leonarchik

Camera Operator: Renato da Silva Fonseca Leitão

Object Production: Ana Paula Cordeiro Braga

Costume Designer: Juliana Freire Prysthon

Prop Master: Ana Lúcia Valentim

Makeup Artist: Ronaldo da Cunha Teixeira

Chief Electrician: José Antonio Taffe

Chief Driver: Daniel Francisco dos Santos

Post Coordination Assistant: Bruna Boretto

Animatic: Marcos Samia, Márcio Nicolosi

Assembly: Eduardo Silva

3D Coordination: Marcos Samia

Modeling: Marcos Smirkoff, Guto Sposito

Texture: Felipe Ferreira

Render: Felipe Ferreira, Marcos Samia

Simulation: Gabriel Reid, Lucas Stringhetti

Color: Leticia Blanco

Comp Head: Leandro Pena

Comp: Carlos Campos, Nara Andrade, Rodrigo Silva, Leonardo Augusto da Silva

Roto: Diego Ruiz, Gassan Abduni

Sound Production: DaHouse Audio

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