Skol: "Drink Right" by Wieden + Kennedy

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Moderate drinking, Skol Beats has made a partnership with some beer online shops to commercialize personalized packs that come with one bottle of water for each Skol Beats unit. The package will have only three bottles of Skol Beats and three bottles of water that will be no charged. All to remind consumers of the importance of drinking water while drinking alcohol. The initiative still unfolds in some nightclubs in São Paulo. For each SKOL Beats, the consumer will receive a free bottle of water to stay hydrated and avoid passing the point. Posters, stickers, clothing, condoms, mobile and computer wallpaper and sutra fail folder are part of the campaign.

 "Our desire is to make people aware about smart consumption and the importance of this behavior at all times of day to day. The excess consumption of beverages is also detrimental in the relationship between people, "says Maria Fernanda Albuquerque, marketing director of SKOL.

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Brazil
Executive Creative Directors: Eduardo Lima e Renato Simões
Creative Directors: Bruno Oppido
Creative: Lucas Succi., Lucas Saicali., Ana Blanes, Ana Luisa Clé, Matheus Sanches
Digital Producer: Maurírico Yamaschita, Ricardo Barbin
Account: Alessandra Visintainer, Luiza Richarte
Planner: Luana Azeredo, Fernando Prado, Bruno Araldi
BI: Eliel Guilhen, Amanda Cândido
Media Plan: Thais Altschuller, André Chiapetta, Alex Bezerra, Gabriela Nascimento
Media Execution: Blinks
Client Approval: Lia Bertoni, Maria Fernanda Vilarinho, Lia Dutra, Alexandre Costa, Mariana Bier