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Mexico City, Date XX, 2022, a historic day for Call of Duty and for Mexican regional music. Leading up to the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II on October 28th, Call of Duty and Banda MS debuted a completely original song created exclusively for the franchise. More than a traditional ´corrido´, the song is an anthem with cultural significance and a celebration for Call of Duty and Banda MS fans around the world.

“With a portion of the single-player campaign set in Mexico, we knew that we had a unique opportunity in Mexico and the Hispanic market with Modern Warfare II”, said Rodrigo Pérez, Senior Brand Manager Latin America for Call of Duty. “It has been exciting creating something special for the fans of Call of Duty and Banda MS, that we have never done before”.

Call of Duty collaborated with Banda MS on the “141 “ corrido, turning the historical narrative of this musical style upside down. The song is accompanied by a music video and the idea for the “CORRIDO OF DUTY” campaign created by the Mexican independent agency Archer Troy, a film full of easter eggs that refer to the new game, its maps, new characters and clues that gamers will decipher.

“Two industries that previously seemed impossible to mix, banda music and the world of gaming, come together in one voice through an unprecedented collaboration. The most influential regional Mexican band of the moment and one of the most popular video games in the world become one under a song in Spanish, more Mexican than ever and that we are sure everyone will sing while enjoying the game.” said Mike Arciniega, Creative Vice President and Founder of Archer Troy.

This campaign, which began as a local idea, soon scaled internationally. But not only that. What was going to only be a song to introduce the game in the lead up to launch, became an anthem within the gameplay since "141" will be heard at important moments of the game’s single-player campaign. That is, anywhere in the world, millions of Call of Duty users will be able to listen to it and get a stronger sense of Mexican culture.

• CLIENT: Activision
• BRAND: Call of Duty
• AGENCY: Archer Troy
• CREATIVE VP: Mike Arciniega
• CREATIVE GENERAL DIRECTOR: Carlos Oxte / Guillermo Bernal
• CREATIV DIRECTOR: Nicolás Corvino
• ACCOUNT DIRECTOR: Nayeli Jessel / Alejandra Jasso
• PRODUCTION: Mike Arciniega / Liliana Moreno / Emmanuel García
• FILMMAKER: Rebolucion
• DIRECTOR: Los Mumu / Andres Hosman
• PHOTOGRAPHY: Jordi Planell
•EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Alejandro Rossi / Iván Lomeli

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