E-mart Sale Navigation project

Ad Agency
Video advertising:

VLC technology-based marketing promotion in a hypermarket for the first time in the world.

A lot of different state-of-the-art technologies have been engaged in R&D for development of Indoor Navigation, the real-time locating and tracking service, to make it available within a shopping mall or a store.

The E-mart Sale Navigation project proves a new possibility for indoor navigation with a distinctive approach based on VLC technology.

Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide, South Korea

Chief Creative Officer: Jeongkeun Yoo / Executive Creative Director: Thomas Hongtack Kim
Creative Director: Jaewook Nam / Copywriter: Wonjun Jang / Senior Copywriter: Sangjun Shin
Art Director: Sujin Oh / Junior Art Director: Hyojung Kang / Account Executive: Jintaek Roh
Production Company: Idea from daily life / Director: Dongsu Kang / Editing Company: Elliot
Music: Sangkyu Jeon / Media artists: Kiheon Shin, Wondae Ryu
Additional credits: Taegyu Kang, Sangkyu Lim, Yangkeun Kim, Jeongmo Kang, Byungoh Kim