Burger King "The Silent Drive-Thru" by Superson

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Drive-thru is an American invention, designed for those who like to talk.

Finland, then again, is one of the most introverted nations in the world. So to drive downloads for Burger King's new app, we added a simple feature: Silent drive-thru – a food pick up service where you don't need to speak to anyone. This little considerate change in the customer experience proved to be a hit, doubling the sales orders through the app every month since its launch.

After all, everyone should be able to enjoy their Whopper(r) in silence.

Advertising Agency: Superson, Helsinki, Finland

Senior Advisor: Antti Toivonen
Executive Producer: Emmi Kupari
Ceo: Samppa Vilkuna
Creative: Patrick Lindholm, Antti J.Peltonen, Tuomas Karvonen