Whiskas "Curiosity Boxes" by AlmapBBDO

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"Cats are ever curious. They love exploring new places and an empty box is full of possibilities. This inspired the team to think of giving a plain cardboard box a new twist, turning it into a playful object. That’s how an online WHISKAS® buy becomes an even more rewarding experience to cats", says Marcelo Nogueira, ECD at AlmapBBDO.

"Besides providing pets with a wholesome, balanced diet, we want to show tutors the importance of nurturing their relationship with their cats' curiosity, making a plain delivery package a fun toy for them to play with", says Eduardo Lima, Cat Mainmeal Portfolio Director at Mars Petcare.

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, Brazil

CCO: Luiz Sanches
Ecd: Marcelo Nogueira, André Gola, Pernil
Creative Director: Renato Butori, Rodrigo Resende
Art Director: Caio Stucchi-Zucchi, Fernando Fregate, Leonardo Rodriguez Fernandez, Lucas Cabrini, Vitor Rolim
Copywriter: Leonardo Cristianho, Pedro Arvati, Victor Sotero, Andre Arteze
Account: Camilla Massari, Flavia Fusco, Fernanda Portugal, Gabriela Teixeira
Graphic Production: José Roberto Bezerra, Marcos De Souza
Media: Daniel Ribeiro, Kristen Lee Hendrickson, Thabata Hidalgo, Andreina Clemente, Vinicius Nicolau
Planning: João Gabriel Fernandes, David Gross
Client Approval: Eduardo Lima, Ricardo Marinho, Kaian Garcia

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