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SulAmerica ads
SulAmerica Print ads

SulAmerica: Music has a new stage

Music has a new stage Advertising Agency: Artplan, São Paulo, Brazil Executive Creative Director:...see more →

Getty Images TV & Film ads

Getty Images: 85 seconds

Getty Images touches people in a new campaign created by AlmapBBDO. It gives continuity to the...see more →

GQ ads
GQ Print ads

GQ teaching style to men

"If you're that wrestler, just don't. / If you're that MC, just don't. / If you're that rapper,...see more →

CSI ads
CSI Print ads

CSI: Let the clues show you the way

Let the clues show you the way. Client: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Advertising Agency:...see more →

Submarino ads
Submarino Outdoor ads

Submarino: Would you like to hear a story?

Would you like to hear a story?Audiobooks available at Submarino Client: Advertising...see more →

Reforma ads
Reforma Print ads

Reforma: Unfiltered News

Reforma. Unfiltered News. Advertising Agency: Publicis, Mexico Chief Creative Director: Héctor...see more →

BlackCard Magazine ads
BlackCard Magazine Print ads

BlackCard Magazine: The Revoluxury

The Revoluxury Client: BlackCard Magazine Advertising Agency: dim&canzian, São Paulo, Brazil...see more →

91 Rock Online ads

91 Rock Clock

91 Rock presents: 91 Rock Clock. An alarm clock that wakes you up like a true rocker. Advertising...see more →

TNT print ads
TNT Print ads

TNT: We know drama

We know drama. Client: TNT Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume Modem, Antwerp, Belgium Account...see more →

Olé Sport News ads
Olé Print ads

Olé: Believe it or not

Client: Olé Sport News Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Buenos Aires, Argentina...see more →

El Diario print ads
El Diario Print ads

El Diario: Undistorted truth

Undistorted truth. Client: El Diario Advertising Agency: DDB, Bolivia Executive Creative Director...see more →

VH1 ads
VH1 Print ads

VH1: We've just improved it

Gastronomy has always been part of the music world. We've just improved it. Fashion has always been...see more →

MTV TV & Film ads

MTV: Male Mermaid, Jumping Jacks and Tennis Player

Client: MTV Advertising Agency: Loducca, Brazil Creative Directors: Guga Ketzer, Cássio Moron,...see more →

Gol Televisión print
Gol Televisión Print ads

Gol Televisión: More football than you can take

More football than you can take Client: Gol Televisión Advertising Agency: Tapsa Young&Rubicam...see more →

National Geographic print ads
National Geographic Print ads

National Geographic: Andean Condor will only live

"Soon, the Andean Condor will only live in the ecuadorian flag. Soon, the Quetzal will only live in...see more →

Radio Mix FM print
Radio Mix FM Print ads

Radio Mix FM: music to remember

Client: Radio Mix FM From 7 to 8 p.m. music to remember. Advertising Agency: Quê, Brazil Creative...see more →

BBC print ad
BBC Print ads

BBC: Half the story

Client: BBC World News What you see only tells half the story.Every time I've been...see more →

Pymes Magazine ads
Pymes Magazine Print ads

Pymes Magazine: Being an entrepreneur

Client: Pymes Magazine Being an entrepreneur is to see a business where nobody saw it before....see more →

Guitar Player Magazine ads
Guitar Player Magazine Print ads

Guitar Player Magazine: Nothing goes right

Nothing goes right when music goes wrong. Client: Guitar Player Magazine Advertising Agency: Leo...see more →

Guardian print
Guardian Print ads

Guardian: One woman

One woman, a nation divided Client: The Guardian Advertising Agency: BBH, London, United KIngdom...see more →

The Sunday Times print ads
The Sunday Times Print ads

The Sunday Times: Best Dressed List

Client: The Sunday Times Advertising Agency: Grey, London, UK Executive Creative Director: Nils...see more →

Capital print ads
Capital Print ads

Capital: Be your own boss.

Be your own boss. Client: Capital Newspaper Advertising Agency: Graffiti BBDO, Bucharest, Romania...see more →

Men's Health print ads
Men's Health Print ads

Men's Health: Welcome to the real men's world.

Welcome to the real men's world. Client: Men's Health Advertising Agency: G2 Brasil, São Paulo,...see more →

Colsubsidio print ads
Colsubsidio Print ads

Colsubsidio: Audiobooks For All Kids

Client: Colsubsidio Audiobooks For Kids Advertising Agency: Lowe SSP3, Colombia Executive Creative...see more →

MUY Historia print
MUY Historia Print ads

MUY Historia: History Makes History

Client: MUY Historia History Magazine Advertising Agency: Grey, Spain Creative Team: Antonio...see more →

ESPN TV & Film ads

ESPN Radio - Dog Date Potatoes

Advertising Agency: 77 Ventures, USA Executive Creative Directors: Michael Haje, Galen Bernard /...see more →

Luerzer's Archive
Luerzer's Archive Print ads

Luerzer's Archive: Yes, we are

Advertising Agency: Milk, Vilnius, Lithuania Creative Director: Rimantas Stanevicius / Art...see more →

HBO Direct Marketing ads

HBO: Game Of Thrones Handwritten letter

Advertising Agency: Seligemig, Frederiksberg C, Denmark Creative Director: Simon Engstrøm / Art...see more →

The Sunday Times print ads
The Sunday Times Print ads

The Sunday Times: Rich List

Client: The Sunday Times Advertising Agency: Grey, London, UK Creative Director: Dave Monk /...see more → Online ads Information by any legal means

Advertised brand: Advertising Agency: Red Pepper, Ekaterinburg, Russia Creative Directors...see more →

Rak'n'Roll Records Online ads

A charity records label

"From a charity brand to the biggest independent record label in Poland." Advertising Agency:...see more →

Albert Dali Naming Consultants print
Albert Dali Naming Consultants Print ads

A good name is a conversation starter

Albert Dali. Because a good name is a conversation starter. Advertising Agency: Lucifer Labs,...see more →

TVNZ Ambient ads

2m high fairy tale books

"TVNZ wanted to promote the second season of the television series Once Upon A Time. A show based...see more →

TopGear ads
TopGear Print ads

No Social Media Behind The Wheel

"Don't Get Bored To Death.Also In Traffic Jams, No Social Media Behind The Wheel." Advertising...see more →

ESPN TV & Film ads

ESPN: Snake Eyes

Advertising Agency: Creative Works, USA Creative Director: Jay Marrotte / Agency Producer: Jennifer...see more →

98FM Print ads

98FM: Music is what matters.

Music is what matters. Advertising Agency: Filadélfia, Brazil Creative Director: Dan Zechinelli / ...see more →

HBO ads
HBO Outdoor ads

HBO: Vikings

Advertising Agency: SELIGEMIG, Copenhagen, Denmark Creative Director: Simon Engstrøm / Art Director...see more →

Beijing Sports Radio ads
Beijing Sports Radio Print ads

Hear it live

Hear it live. Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Hong Kong Executive Creative...see more →

Motz ads
Motz Ambient ads

Motz warms the Berlin homeless newspaper

International top fashion designers created coats made of the Motz newspaper. At a press conference...see more →

Silver Snail ads
Silver Snail Print ads

Silver Snail in Klingon, Elvish or Kryptonian

"When Silver Snail Comics and Collectibles approached us to create an ad that announced they were...see more →