Dove "simply try Dove Nourishing Secrets with coconut oil and almond milk"

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Image advertising:

"To find a restoring beauty ritual from India...

Go to the airport

Take the flight to Abu Dhabi

Change flight to New Delhi

Take a train to the state of Maharashtra

Meet a local who will show you where coconut trees are

Shake one of them till coconuts falls down

Watch your head

Break some coconuts and put their flesh in a blender to make coconut oil

Travel 2,300km to the state of Kashmir

Pick up some almonds from an almond tree

Soak them in water and strain them in a cloth to make almond milk

Mix it with the coconut oil

After all that, you deserve a relaxing bath

Rub the mixture on your body

Or simply try Dove Nourishing Secrets with coconut oil and almond milk."

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Athens, Greece

Client: Dove

Executive Creative Director: Panos Sambrakos
Creative Director: Dimitris Savvakos
Art Director: Christos Golfis
Associate Creative Director: Panagiotis Papamatthaiou
Illustrator: Christos Golfis
Account Director: Mirella Moisi, Nikolas Memos
Business Unit Director: Marianna Gkitsaki
Motion Designer: Romanos Senikidis