Colonel Sanders Has Never Been So Authentic, Cool and Funky

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Havas Paris presents its first campaign for KFC France and unveils a first film that takes the crispy food on a journey through time. The film features a Colonel Sanders in better shape than ever!

The first scenes take us directly to 1952, the year the famous fast-food chain was founded. We are then in the heart of Kentucky, at the side of Colonel Sanders who is busy in his kitchen. With love, expertise and style, he prepares a bucket of tenders that will travel through time to 2021. As crisp as ever, his recipe will please two youngsters in a KFC drive-thru. 
KFC France and Havas Paris have signed a cool and funky first opus directed by Vincent Lobelle and a real ode to crispy food! This 45' film is carried by an original soundtrack named "Crispy" and produced by HRCLS, Havas Paris' integrated production house. The track links the past and the present, and will become the emblem and common thread of the brand's statements throughout the year.
Havas Paris won over KFC France last November after a competition. In addition to this first brand film revealed this week in France, the communication plan also includes a poster campaign, product films, and social activations... with a media plan signed by Carat France.
This is a very strong offensive for KFC France, which wants to double the number of its restaurants in France to 600 within five years.


Advertiser: KFC 

Chief Marketing Officer: Isabelle HERMAN 

Head of Advertising & Media: Pierre CAILLEAU 

Head of Brand Communication: Guillaume SAEZ 

Senior Brand Manager: Géraldine NEVEÜ 

Digital & Brand Manager: Camille BEGHIN 

Agency: Havas Paris 

Creative Director: Christophe COFFRE 

Art Director: Jordan MOLINA 

Copy-writter: Ludovic MIÈGE 

Print and digital Art Directors: Didier RICHARTH, Jean-Yves DEL VOLGO, Robin DE HARO 

Strategic planners: Romain ROUX, Samia GAUVARD 

Account managers: Patrick LECERF, Caroline SU, Aymeric VALADAS, Claire BOUVET 

Production: Carine PETIT, Géraldine TISSERANT 

Head of Social Media: Ludovic CHEVALLIER 

Social media Creative Director: Leah MORSE 

Social media art director: Juanita ARENAS PEDRAZA 

Social media copy-writter: Nathan GRÉGOIR 

Community manager: Pierre LE DAMANY 


TV Producer: Benjamin BESNAINOU 

Realization: Vincent LOBELLE 

Producer: Jean DUHAMEL 

VFX: Poster 

Post-production manager: Cyril BOURDESOULLE 

Post-production: Poster 

Sound Post-production: HRCLS 

Sound Post-production: Ivan Jovanovic 

Sound producer: Alexis VENOT 

Music composition: HRCLS 

Culinary stylist: Valery DROUET 



TV Producer: Ingrid VASSEUR 

Art buying: Sylvie GAZAIX 

Production: Mad Agency 

Realization: Pepe LANSKY 

Photographer: Charly DESLANDES 

Producer: Jimmy HALFON 

VFX: Reepost 

Post-prod manager: Antoine DAUBERT 

Post-production: Reepost 

Sound Post-production: HRCLS 

Chief Operator: François STARR 

Culinary stylist: Valery DROUET 

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