Fanta "Idiots Are Amazing"

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Fanta brand wishes to free the idiot hidden in each of us. The one who, in the name of the game, is ready for anything, thus proving to the whole world that an idiot has this little something extraordinary.

In its new campaign narrated as an ode to idiots, Fanta pays tribute to those people who, every day, dare, undertake, redouble their sacrifice, madness, panache, stupidity, for no other reason than the pleasure of doing it.

To become a true champion, it takes more than just blood, sweat and tears. It takes courage, guts and determination.

Fanta intends to remain a “fun” and uninhibited brand which encourages its followers to free their creative spirit, wherever it takes them.

"Idiots Are Amazing" is part of the "In the Name of Play" ad campaign.

Ad agency: 72andSunny, Amsterdam

The campaign began in Spain, Portugal and Norway, and in the following months, it will be expanded to Germany, Ireland, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.

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