Galil Mountain Winery "Drop of Goodness" by Leo Burnett Israel

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The Jewish New Year is literally around the corner – merely weeks away and like all holidays tables and festive dinners across cultures, wine will take center stage on people’s tables. But with the wine drinking, the partying, the fancy plates and the merriment come the unwelcome accidents.

We’ve all been there before, invited friends and family and taken out our very best china and finest linen to set the absolutely perfect table. So when guests arrive everything looks just pristine. Then the guests sit down and the plates start arriving, wine is poured and inevitably, someone reaches out for the salad plate and hop, there goes the wine – spilling in all its glorious crimson red all over your beautiful tablecloth. Instantly a state of emergency is declared; plates get moved out of the way and various versions of your grandmother’s remedy to wine spilling are tested. From dabbing the stain with salt, then talc, and soda water right down to pouring white wine over the red….and while you will swear under oath ‘it is no big deal – the machine will get it right out’, secretly inside you lament as know you will never be able to sue your beautiful tablecloth again.

Well that is now officially all over – this year you will be able to say “it’s no big deal” and REALLY mean it. The Galil Mountain Winery, working together with its agency Leo Burnett, and partnering with Hameshakem – a chain of small production factories spread out over various locations throughout the country whose goal it is to provide employment for people with disabilities – have come up with the perfect solution to all your wine spilling troubles.

A festive wine giftbox that includes a bottle of wine and a tablecloth suited to the exact color of each of our wines. Whether you are drinking a Merlot, a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Syrah, we have developed the perfect tablecloth in that very exact Winetone. So that this year when you pour your guests wine, and that lost drop creates a stain, you really won’t care.


Agency Credits: Leo Burnett Israel

Client: Galil Mountain Winery

CEO: Ori Gal

CCO: Ami Alush

VP Client Services: Yonatan Regev

Creative Director: Oren Ben Naim

Art Director: Olga Vorobieva

Agency producer:  Menny Zarhia, Ron Ofer

Account supervisor:  Ziv Abuhasira

Account Manager: Idan Sulimani

Marcom: Eva Hasson

Photography: Menachem Reiss, Geva Talmor

Post Production: Guttman studio

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