Intermarché "Jusqu'à Mon Dernier Douffle"

Ad Agency
Video advertising:

At Christmas, for the fourth opus in its advertising saga - five times awarded at Cannes and the Effie Grand Prix in France and Europe – Intermarché, the grocery chain, decided to embrace and pay tribute to the response to this historic health situation. This film is not about Santa Claus, but rather about those who have sacrificed everything to take care of others: health workers, the sometimes forgotten heroes of the year 2020. The brand is thus affirming its desire to be with the French people, as close as possible to their lives, by departing from the traditional Christmas commercials films that blossom every year.

Accompanied by its Romance agency and director Katia Lewkowicz, Intermarché takes 3 minutes to pay tribute to them in a moving film that follows a nurse at the hospital and a family (a mother and her teenage son) waiting for the father’s recovery. This film, in which Intermarché has elegantly set itself back, focuses on the characters’ lives in a to-and-fro of worry, hope and tenderness. Never dramatic. Once again it doesn’t look like advertising, but more like a cinematic short film.