Monoprix "Humanity's First Queue"

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With daily life growing ever more hectic by the day, urbanites are constantly trying to sidestep time restraints, eager to enjoy every moment of downtime possible.

And if there’s one restraint they hate more than anything, it’s standing in line. Really, who hasn’t tried to get out of standing in line?

That’s why French retailer Monoprix, always on the search for ways to city living that much easier, is making waiting at the register a thing of the past.

It couldn’t be easier: with the “Monoprix et Moi” application, the retailer’s customers can scan their products as they shop, and pay directly with their smartphones, without ever having to go through checkout. Shopping’s never been easier – there’s nothing to stop you!

This ultra-innovative service is available in all of Monoprix’s stores.

To promote this new fast pass service, Monoprix and its agency Rosapark created a cinematic-style film with just the right blend of special effects and humor: The first line of humanity.

The film takes us back thousands of years, to the dawn of civilization: the prehistoric era.

Here, in the first line ever formed by mankind, the first line-cutter is born. A Sapiens more cunning, more creative than all the other Sapiens, ready to try thousands of clever tactics to nudge ahead of his fellow Sapiens. Even if it means taking them out.

Thankfully, today, we’re evolved. We can still cut in line, but with Monoprix’s new fast pass application, no one’s life is at risk.

The film, directed by multi-award winning advertising and feature films director, Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, launches on TV May 18th and will be online and on Twitter with the hashtag #GrillezLaFile (SmokeTheLine).



Co-founders Gilles Fichteberg, Jean-François Sacco, Jean-Patrick Chiquiar

Creative Directors : Gilles Fichteberg, Jean-François Sacco

Art Director : Cerise Leclerc

Copywriter : Louise Mussot

Managing Director, Strategic Planning Director: Sacha Lacroix

Associate Director : Quentin Labat

Account Director : Lucile Wissocq

Account Manager : Justine Ducher

Producer: Thomas Laurent

Strategic Planner : Sarah Herbain

Director:  Antoine Bardou Jacquet - Partizan

Production : Partizan

Producer: Khalid Tahhar - Partizan

Production Director : Isabelle Labeylie - Partizan

1st Assistant Director : Olivier Coulhon - Partizan

DOP : Marc Gomez Del Moral - Partizan

Chief Decorator : Alexandre Vivet - Partizan

Styliste: Elise Bouquet - Partizan

Make-up : Annabelle Petit – Partizan

Head of digital strategies_: Jeanne Neuschwander

Social media managers : Calliste Garrabos & Charlotte Giraud

PR : Mélanie Colleou

Executive Production: Production Family (Kiev)

Image Post-Production : Mikros

Post-producer: Sébastien Gros, Jonathan Trebois - Mikros

Editor : Sophie Reine - Mikros

Sound Production : Schmooze

Sound Producers: Matthieu Sibony, Grégoire Galian – Schmooze

Sound Engineer: Sylvain Rety - Schmooze


Monoprix Marketing and Innovation Director: Florence Chaffiotte

Monoprix Brand Image Director : Nicolas Gobert

Monoprix Social Media Manager: Stéphanie Jallet

BLUE 449

CEO : Pascal Crifo

Deputy General Manager: Marion Haan

Senior Business Manager : Florence Mary

Head of Brand Activation: Fouad Hachani