POM Wonderful - Crazy Healthy Commercial

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POM Wonderful - Crazy Healthy Dragon Commercial
POM Wonderful - Crazy Healthy Samurai Commercial
POM Wonderful - Crazy Healthy Cyclops Commercial
POM Wonderful - Crazy Healthy Archers Commercial

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With the power of POM Wonderful on her side, this yogi is protected by a relentlessly ravenous free radical-ravaging antioxidant beast found in every bottle. So she can keep going Om. 

POM Wonderful is loaded with antioxidants, fiercely focused, free radical-annihilating antioxidants. So say sayonara to free radicals and hello to Crazy Healthy. 

Every sip of POM Wonderful unleashes humongous, hulky free radical-hammering antioxidants, so you can tackle another beast at the office… timesheets. POM Wonderful is Crazy Healthy.

POM Wonderful protects you with a burly battalion of free radical-impaling antioxidants to keep you Crazy Healthy.

Advertising Agency: Fire Station, Los Angeles, USA

Agency Producer: Anne Kurtzman / Executive Creative Director: Liz Leow

Production Company: @radical.media / Director: Tarsem / Executive Producer: Tommy Turtle

Editor: Robert Duffy at Spotwelders / VFX Post Production: Framestore / Framestore Executive Creative Director: Aron Hjartarson

Framestore Creative Director: Alex Thomas / Framestore Executive Producer: James Razzall / Framestore Producer: Mary Nockles

CG Supervisor: Chris Eckardt / Compositing Lead: JD Yepes

3D: Jamie O'Hara, Caleb Hecht, Shane Simpson / Animation: Kevin Rooney, Sashdy Arvelo

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