Tia Adeola "Le Noir Est Beau"

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Designer Tia Adeola debuts her sumptuous new line in "Le Noir Est Beau (Black is Beautiful)": a fashion film and continued exploration into Renaissance art and historical studies. The film features an all-Black female cast including rapper and songwriter Flo Milli and R&B vocalist Paloma Ford.

Out of Ataria Pictures, "Black is Beautiful," directed by Nina Meredith, was created as a celebration of Black women, Black culture, and Black fashion, fused with a classical art narrative that frequently leaves them out. Directed through the lens of Renaissance epicureanism and indulgent luxury, "Black is Beautiful" serves as both a social commentary and fantastical escapism.


Fashion Designer: Tia Adeola

Director: Nina Meredith

Production Company: Ataria Pictures

Producer: Hannah Swayze

AD: Gerardo Coello Escalante

Cinematographer: Justin Derry

Production Designer: Tim Ferro

Edit House: Cosmo Street

Edited by: Marlo Caine

Asst. Editor: Alex Morales

HOP: Luiza Naritomi

EP: Maura Woodward

Color: Moving Picture Company

Colored by: Ricky Gausis

Color Asst.: Sam Ziaie

EP: Meghan Lang

Producer: Sasha Pace

Audio Post House: Squeak E. Clean Studios

Sound Design and Mix: Stuart St. Vincent Welch

Producer: Nick Doering 

EP: Deb Oh

Director: Nina Meredith

Graphics by: Janak Jani


Paloma Ford

Flo Milli

Samirah Raheem

Ebhoni Jade


Eka Eyoh

Enzie D

Symone Lu

Genesis Vega

Tiana Parker

Brandee Younger

Lizzie Steiner

Daniel Connor

Julian Farinas

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