Google partners with BWSS "Safe Home"

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The cases of domestic violence peaked during the pandemic as the majority of the victims were trapped with an abusive partner. One of the hardest things to do in such situations is to get help without hinting at the abuser, as any indication of the victim getting help, or looking for opportunities to escape will lead to more violence.

What if smart speakers like Google Home can help rescue victims of domestic abuse? Google partners with BWSS (Battered Women Support Service) to create custom safe word commands for all the smart speakers. The assistant will be triggered as soon as the safe word is used and it will alert the BWSS hotline for help. For the legitimacy of each alert, it will also record the live conversation from the moment the safe word is used.

Advertised brand: Google.

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, Toronto, Canada.

Creative Director: Zachary Bautista.
Art Director: Divya Jain.
Copywriter: Sweekriti Chand.

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