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There are 270 million cars in the U.S and in those cars, millions of people commute for 35 minutes each way on average, every day. However, most people are stuck in the habit of listening to the radio in their car.

How do we get people to listen to Spotify in the car?

We realized that time spent commuting is mindless and wasteful for employees. Long hours of commuting makes employees less productive for their day ahead. On the other hand, businesses spend too much money on training their employees.

We decided to bridge this gap, by introducing Spotify Sign-In. 

We changed the Your Daily Drive Playlist into a Work Daily Drive Playlist, a company playlist that all employees can listen to and learn from on their way to work. When employees Sign In to their Work Daily Drive Playlist from their commute, that will be counted as work hours.

Advertised brand: Spotify

Campaign Title: Spotify Sign-In 

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Mumbai, India

Personal Credits: 
Copywriter - Khushali Bhansali 
Art Director - Vidhi Agarwal 
Art Director - Siddhant Karale 

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