Lacostepresents its new video «Support With Style »

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To promote the Rio Olympics and its partnership with the CNOSF (FrenchNational Olympic and Sports Committee), Lacoste launches a music video «Support with style », created by BETC and BETC POP.
The clip is launched 100 days before the start of the Games and is an energetic showcase of the spirit, style and elegance of Lacoste.
The film, directed and choreographed by « I Could Never Be A Dancer », puts the fans on the front scene, following a troupe of passionate supporters on a ride through Paris!

The City of Light, here imagined as a gigantic playground, comes alive with the rhythm of the choreography of the fans – from the stadium to modern architectural landmarks to the metro.
The music is performed by the talented French electro group « TheShoes » reminds us through its pace and rhythm of supporters that chant to support their team.
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