Turkcell "The Unreachables" by TBWA

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The person you have called cannot be reached at the moment. You may be able to reach him on your next call. But I have not been able to reach my missing brother for years. Please visit unreachables.com to help me and other families find our missing relatives.

In the world, for various reasons, many people go missing everyday. 

Turkcell can reach almost 40 million people everyday. In cooperation with The Families of Missing Persons Association, Turkcell becomes the voice of hundreds of missing persons’ families by turning its “subscriber unreachable” voice recording into a new medium. When you call someone if he/she can not be reached, a standard voice recording is heard: “The person you have called can not be reached at the moment”. But this time, a relative of a missing person continues the message by saying that he has not been able to reach his brother for years. And then the message directs people to the website: unreachables.com. The website lists information about hundreds of other missing persons. Names, ages, photos… It also provides people with information on preventing future losses of loved ones.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Istanbul, Turkey

Client: Turkcell

Advert: Ahmet Yaman, Sinem Hekimoğlu, Seda Volkan
Executive Creative Director: Ilkay Gurpinar
Creative Director: Volkan Karakasoglu
Creative Group Head: ESER YAZICI, Serdar Gungor
Copywriter: Mesut Yuksel
Art Director: Melih Oğuz

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