The new Alfa Romeo Tonale commercial "Live Unpredictable"

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Emotions have always been at the heart of Alfa Romeo's mission. This strategy is also evident in the worldwide advertising campaign for the new Alfa Romeo Tonale, conceived by the Milan agency Havas. The spot picks up on the development that the algorithms of the Internet are increasingly guiding personal decisions and making them predictable. In this world of technology, the new Alfa Romeo Tonale shows how emotions can still guide people.

In the commercial, the daily routine is governed by the algorithm, which claims to be able to predict and control all decisions. But then something unpredictable happens: This pattern is broken with the new Alfa Romeo Tonale. The algorithm does not yet know people well enough to interpret emotions. So technology becomes a passion, and individual decisions continue to make life unpredictable. Hence the motto of the campaign: "Live Unpredictable."

The innovative spot for the Alfa Romeo Tonale PHEV launch represents a further step in the brand's new strategy, characterized by a new approach to communication. She is distinctive in storytelling, image editing, and tone of voice.

The music accompanying the spot pays homage to Italian culture, a core value of the Alfa Romeo brand. The soundtrack is a mesmerizing reinterpretation of the Italian classic "Amandoti," specially produced for the new Alfa Romeo Tonale. The entire campaign is in action worldwide, including television and print media, outdoor advertising, and the Internet.

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