Reckitt Benckiser "New Jontex Orgasm in Sintony"

Ad Agency
Image advertising:

Client:  Reckitt Benckiser

New Jontex Orgasm in Sintony. Speeds her up and slows him down.

Advertising Agency: BETC | Havas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

CCO: Erh Ray
Ecd: Andrea Siqueira
Creative Director: Laura Azevedo
Copywriter: Rodrigo Casanovas
Art Director:André Batista, André Ignatiuk
Illustration: Imagefy Studio
Account team: Daniela Keller, Luana Gregório, Lucas Nabuco, Bianca Chagas
Media Team: Carlinha Gagliardi, Felippe Sobrinho, Andressa Lechugo, Thiago Costa, Cintia Hashimoto, Ruy Neto
Planning Team: Agatha Kim, Bianca Brito, Mayara Pinheiro
Production Director: Anna Luisa Ferraz
Art Buyer: Andrea Carmassi, Edna Bombini
Graphic Production Director: Gilmar Souza
Graphic Producers: Carlos Valeriano, Plínio Junior, Márcio Brusaferro, Marcos Nascimento, Adriana Wrege, Sabrina Zilli
Client: Alexandra Romeo, Juliana Rufino, Beatriz Ribeiro


  Based on the principle that men and women have different rhythms during sexual relations, Jontex is introducing a new product: "Synchronized Orgasm," a condom that prolongs the man's erection while stimulating the woman's pleasure, so that both may reach climax together.

  In order to publicize the product, BETC/Havas created a communication campaign that uses printed media, Facebook and Instagram posts, OOH media and activation by digital influencers.

  Following the creative insight "Retardant for him, stimulant for her, synchronizing for both," the ads employ a modern look to emphasize the product's concept and show its effect in a lighthearted manner. In the ads, we see turtles and rabbits, snails and hummingbirds, sloths and cheetahs; the turtles, snails and sloths represent the retardant
effect of the condom, which prolongs the man's pleasure and makes him take longer to climax, while the rabbits, hummingbirds and cheetahs represent the product's stimulating effect to accelerate the woman's pleasure, helping the couple reach orgasm together.

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