IBM: IBM Data Wall

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Ogilvy & Mather creates a new interactive experience for IBM and the US Open that leverages IBM's intense data and analytics capabilities to distill interesting and informative tennis and US Open information on a 15-foot touch screen.

Revealing information such as when the next 7-train arrives, a foursquare check-in that puts your profile first, a geo-locator twitter feed that sends tweets to those tweeting at the open, a hydration index that lets attendees know when they need more hydration and when rain is expected, plus an analysis going back to 7 years of grand slams that analyzes in real time the three key strategies one opponent must adapt to win against another.

Not only is the "IBM Data Wall," a feat of engineering and data distillation, but it's a creative and novel way to engage fans in all things tennis and statistics - something all sports fans devour with intensity.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, New York, USA

Chief Creative Officer: Steve Simpson / Executive Creative Director: Susan Westre / Group Creative Directors: Mike Hahn, Ryan Blank / Creative Directors: Greg Gerstner, Seth Rementer
Executive Digital Producer: Tracy Moore / Senior Digital Producer: Colby Black
Agency Technical Director: Jason Wurtzel / Agency Technical Lead: Ian Crowley
Design Agency: HUSH / Sound Design / Composition: Antfood / Technology Design & Integration: AV&C
Fabrication Partner: Showman Fabricators / Architect: Mark Thorpe