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McDonald's Print ads

McDonald's: "McDelivery" by Publicis

Client: McDonald's Advertising Agency: Publicis Groupe, Panama Executive Creative Director: Fabian...see more →

Opel Mokka X ads
Opel Print ads

Opel "Minimum fuel comsuption with ecotech feature"

Client: Opel "Minimum fuel comsuption with ecotech feature" Advertising Agency: VMLY&R,...see more →

Nike Print ads

Nike "I'm making myself stylish" by The Creative Deer

I'm making myself stylish Advertising Agency: The Creative Deer, Dubai, United Arab Emirates...see more →

Estoril Beach Condos
Estoril Beach Condos Print ads

Estoril Beach Condos "Part of you wants beach."

Part of you wants beach. Client: Estoril Beach Condos Advertising Agency: Raro Lab, Guayaquil,...see more →

Casablanca Turismo
Casablanca Turismo Print ads

Casablanca Turismo "Unforgettable Is Traveling Your Way"


Gold's Gym "body transformation"
Gold's Gym Print ads

Gold's Gym "body transformation"

Client: Gold's Gym Body Transformation Junk food represents a risk to our health when ingested on a...see more →

Unimed Cariri
Unimed Cariri Print ads

Unimed Cariri "When your child needs health care, do not choose the time."

When your child needs health care, do not choose the time. Print created for NAS institutional...see more →

Dynamic India
Dynamic India Print ads

Dynamic India "Vote Responsibly" by Latitude

Thousands of Indian farmers commit suicide every year. You have the power to change the future....see more →

Entourage advertisement
Entourage Print ads

Entourage "Give a helping hand with our app."

Give a helping hand with our app. The number of homeless people in France as dramatically...see more →

PETA advertisement
PETA Print ads

PETA: "No animal was harmed while eating this"

No animal was harmed while eating this. Go Vegan. Client: Peta Art Director: Tejas Phansekar...see more →

Puy du Fou Print ads

Puy du Fou "L'HISTOIRE N'ATTEND QUE VOUS" by Les Gros Mots

L'HISTOIRE N'ATTEND QUE VOUS / HISTORY IS WAITING FOR YOU Agency: Les Gros Mots Client: Puy du Fou...see more →

Jeep Wrangler print
Jeep Print ads

Jeep "Easily detachable roof"

Easily detachable roof Made room for adventure. Client: Jeep Wrangler Advertising Agency: Publicis...see more →

Mintur Print ads

Mintur "Take holiday" by Y&R

Holidays reduce 30% the chance of having a heart attack. Take holidays. Too much workload...see more →

Orbit Print ads

Orbit "Fight tooth decay by chewing sugar-free gum."

Fresh, healthy mouth loading.. Fight tooth decay by chewing sugar-free gum. Client: Orbit...see more →

Change the Ref
Change the Ref Print ads

Change the Ref "we can change its stats"

We can’t change Florida’s shape, but we can change its stats. Join the fight against Florida’s gun...see more →

Pagan beer
Pagan Print ads

Pagan "Legendary histories end in beer" by Candy Shop

Legendary histories end in beer. Client: Pagan beer Advertising Agency: Candy Shop, Curitiba,...see more →

GrapeCo Print ads

GrapeCo: "Students wanted"by TBWA

Hello, from the sweeter side of life. Client: GrapeCo From the Sweeter Side of Life Advertising...see more →

McDelivery Day
McDonald's Print ads

McDonald's: "when you're up for your favorites." by DDB

when you're up for your favorites. The McDelivery Day celebrations are from 8th to 11th of April...see more →

Huawei MateBook X
Huawei Print ads

Huawei MateBook X: "Powerful 12,5 mm" by Grey

Huawei MateBook X laptop is incredibly thin (only 12.5 millimeters thick), and at the same time...see more →

Protege Group "Exchange Machines"
Protege Group Print ads

Protege Group "Exchange Machines" by Full Jazz

Your coins can be used as a discount on the supermarket, minutes of calls and even donation for...see more →

VetCare Print ads

VetCare "Report wildlife trafficking"

Wild animals are not products. Report wildlife trafficking. No species migrates in cardboard boxes...see more →

Viaje Mais
Viaje Mais Print ads

Viaje Mais "Unimaginable itineraries. Except for our readers." by Mestica

Viaje Mais is a travel magazine with stories about different itineraries and tips of what to do in...see more →

IKEA furniture
IKEA Print ads

IKEA: "go furniture-crazy" by Ogilvy

During the IKEA Winter Sale in the Middle East, customers save up to 75% OFF select items...see more →

Eesti Haigekassa
Eesti Haigekassa Print ads

Eesti Haigekassa: "More Active" by Optimist Creative

Obesity in office workers is a big problem in Estonia. People don't move enough. We needed to shake...see more →

Multibox Packages
Multibox Print ads

Multibox "Multibox Packages" by Capim.AG

Client: Multibox Advertising Agency: Capim.AG, Cascavel, Brazil Creative Directors: Marcelo...see more →

Hunger Monster
McDonald's Print ads

McDonald's: The Hunger Monster showed up?

A monster that is always creeping in at night, when all restaurants are closed and nothing can help...see more →

Selva Foods
Selva Foods Print ads

Selva Foods: "Packs a punch to your dish!"

Be it your favorite baingan masala, tomato rasam, or drumstick sambar, a spoonful of Selva veg...see more →

Black&Blaze Print ads

Black&Blaze "Finest coffee enjoyment for a home"

Your barista in a capsule. Finest coffee enjoyment for a home. Client: Black&Blaze Coffee...see more →

Plus Ultra Airlines
Plus Ultra Líneas Aeréas Print ads

Plus Ultra Airlines: "Forget goodbyes. Now Pet Friendly."

Client: Plus Ultra Líneas Aeréas (Plus Ultra Airlines) Plus Ultra Airlines now accepts dogs in...see more →

L'Oreal Paris and British Vogue
Vogue Print ads

L'Oreal Paris and British Vogue "The Non-Issue" by McCann

Advertising Agencies: McCann, Paris, France / McCann, London, UK ECD Beauty Team, McCann Paris:...see more →

Stem Flowers
Stem Flowers Print ads

Stem Flowers: "When you don't want to be there." by DDB

When you don't want to be there. Client: Stem Flowers Advertising Agency: DDB Latina, San...see more →

Securite Routiere
Securite Routiere Print ads

Securite Routiere "On the road, a telephone can kill."

Kill or get killed. Was it worth reading that text message? Or answering that call or that email?...see more →

Honda: "The Power of Love"
Honda Print ads

Honda: "The Power of Love" by Made in Space

Client: Honda Advertising Agency: Made in Space, Galicia, Spain Creative/Art Director: Gustavo...see more →

Protege Group
Protege Group Print ads

Protege Group "Protege Cargo Protection" by Full Jazz

The Driver keeps his eyes on the road and us on your cargo. Doesn't matter the destination, your...see more →

Chimp Wear
Chimp Wear Print ads

Chimp Wear "When you are a slave to fashion, someone else is too." by JWT

Client: Chimp Wear When you are a slave to fashion, someone else is too. Advertising Agency: JWT,...see more →

Amena Autism Center
Amena Foundation Print ads

Amena Autism Center: "Autism is challenging but not impossible" by VMLY&R

Autism is challenging but not impossible Advertising Agency: VMLY&R, Amman, Jordan Client: ...see more →

Elanco Print ads

Elanco "Don't let your loved ones became a carrier for worms." by Saatchi & Saatchi

Client: Elanco Don't let your loved ones became a carrier for worms. Advertising Agency: Saatchi...see more →

In a world without weapons
Instituto Sou da Paz Print ads

Instituto Sou da Paz "In a world without weapons" by Vogg

In a world without weapons, Martin Luther King Jr continued his struggle for equality and became...see more →

Honda ads
Honda Print ads

Honda: It's not Christmas lights, it's an accident due to excessive alcohol

The end of the year season is one of the most dangerous on the country's roads. Between increased...see more →

WWF advertisements
WWF Print ads

WWF: "Limited edition for lack of material."

Limited edition for lack of material. Client: WWF (World Wildlife Fund) The...see more →