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CANAL X - Mustang
CANAL X - Bathroom
CANAL X - Maid
CANAL X - Couch

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Sorry but the best of X has gone to CANAL+…
All for the sake of our pleasure, CANAL+ has gathered the best of porn, including Dorcel TV, XXL, Penthouse on its X platform which is loaded with quality productions and a large selection of premium content.
In other words, for the French audience, the best of X has gone to CANAL+ leaving the rest a bit.. empty handed.. 
Discover this digital campaign from BETC Paris, 4 films + gifs, based on the simple idea that the best of X has left for CANAL+. 
Playing with the caricatures of porn, in terms of music, decor and style, the films star real porn actors. Even though they seem to be enjoying the sultry scenes, it’s hardly A-list stuff – but hey, how could it be when the premium porn has gone to CANAL+? 
For the French audience, the broadcaster also created a dedicated site where visitors can replace the missing actors by funny objects:

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