TV / Film Ads

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CCR TV / Film ads

CCR "Bad Ideas" by Heads

Latin American highway concession operator CCR teamed up with agency Heads and global creative...see more →

Stihl TV / Film ads

Stihl: Do you feel a spring in the air?

Coming soon. Do you feel a spring in the air? Everything is awakening from long winter sleep to...see more →

Avon TV / Film ads

Avon "BRAve" by Be-it

Advertising Agency: Be—it Agency, Kyiv, Ukraine Creative Director / Copywriter: Oksana Sorzhulenko...see more →

Doritos TV / Film ads

Created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners "#NowItsHot" for Doritos

Introducing new Doritos® Flamin’ Hot® Nacho. It’s the original you know and love…now hot! Check out...see more →

Lexus TV / Film ads

Lexus: "Sunrise to Sunrise" by The&Partnership

Sunrise to sunrise – with Elsa Bleda and the Lexus UX self-charging Hybrid SUV. New Horizons with...see more →

Cayman Islands Department of Tourism TV / Film ads

Cayman Islands Department of Tourism: "Blue Iguana and Flower Divers"

Dive deep into the Caribbean’s most enchanting travel destination. Dance with stingrays. Count the...see more →

Cadbury TV / Film ads

Cadbury with Jamie Redknapp and Gary Neville

"We are giving you the chance to win an experience with a Premier League legend, plus thousands of...see more →

Leboncoin TV / Film ads

Leboncoin: "The new holiday partner" by HAVAS PARIS

Advertiser    Leboncoin Agency      Havas Creative Director    ...see more →

Heart Salt TV / Film ads

Heart Salt - It's time to stop the inappropriate behaviour

It's time to stop the inappropriate behaviour.  It's the high levels of sodium in salt which can...see more →

Axos Bank TV / Film ads

Axos Bank: "Don't get robbed by your bank."by Cutwater

Dubbed "banker robbers," these criminal masterminds steal money from victims by charging excessive...see more →

Home Store + More TV / Film ads

Home Store + More: "Daughter & Dad" by Banjoman Films

No matter where you go in life, you will always have a home. Client: Homestore + More ...see more →

Huawei TV / Film ads

Huawei: "CHALLANGEMATE" commercial by DDB

How would you test the Mate 20 Pro? We have tested our Huawei Mate20 Pro in some extreme situations...see more →

Panasonic TV / Film ads

Panasonic: "Hollywood to your home" by Brave

CREATIVE AGENCY: Brave Client: Panasonic DIR: Roar Uthaug DoP:...see more →

Samsung TV / Film ads

Samsung: "Samsung Firevase" by Cheil

Today in South Korea occur more than 10,000 domestic fires each year. To counter this situation,...see more →

Hostess TV / Film ads

Hostess: "Honey Buns & Donettes" by Argonaut

Watch as the tiny Honey Buns make their way through the tiny bakery and on to a cereal box near you...see more →

McDonald's TV / Film ads

McDonald's: "Barrio"by TBWA

Can you imagine a McDonald's neighborhood? A place where you can just open the window and order a...see more →

Renault TV / Film ads

Renault: "Escape To Real" by Publicis

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, France Executive Creative Officer: Marcelo...see more →

Kapten TV / Film ads

Kapten: "your best decision today" by Grey

Kapten, might just be your best decision today ! Your first ride is on us with the promo code...see more →

Washington Lottery TV / Film ads

Washington Lottery: "The Curious Lottery Vending Machine" by Cole & Weber

Advertising Agency: Cole & Weber United, USA Executive Creative Director:...see more →

Coca-Cola TV / Film ads

Coca-Cola: "The Chase" by Wieden + Kennedy

Vrrrrrrroooooom vroom. Honk. Screeeeeeeech. Honk Honk. Skrrrrrrrrrrt. Crash. Introducing new...see more →

Nike TV / Film ads

Nike - Dream Crazier - by Wieden + Kennedy

Show them what crazy dreams can do. #justdoit Whoever writes these ads, needs recognition. All of...see more →

Visa TV / Film ads

Visa: "Tap to pay with Visa. Just like that." by Isobar

Tap to the beat. Tap to the joy. Tap to the little things. Advertising Agency: Isobar, India...see more →

Visa TV / Film ads

Visa: "Money is Changing: Pay equality in Hollywood"

Visa supports all women in the fight for equal pay. Hear how four women in Hollywood are joining...see more →

Land Rover TV / Film ads

Land Roverl: "Warning Signs"

The new Range Rover Evoque is built for city, but does it have the trademark all-terrain capability...see more →

Budweiser TV / Film ads

Budweiser: Charlize Theron for Oscars 2019 by Vayner Media

Charlize Theron walks into a bar... Watch our 2019 Oscars commercial for the...see more →

IKEA TV / Film ads

IKEA: The Morningmorphosis by Ogilvy

With an impeccably organized wardrobe from IKEA, you can be the morning person you...see more →

KFC TV / Film ads

KFC: Beef Bucket by Sid Lee

At the beginning of February, KFC's Colonel Sanders announced the addition of a ‘Beef Bucket’ to...see more →

PETA TV / Film ads


Los Angeles — To help ensure that people have the most romantic Valentine's Day yet, PETA is...see more →

Nissan TV / Film ads

Nissan: Where to Next (Intelligent Trace Control) by Publicis

To make the new Nissan Micra N-Sport appealing to people who are always on the go...see more →

Avon TV / Film ads

Avon "NiUnaMenos" by Havas

Advertising Agency: Havas Tribu, San José, Costa Rica Chief Creative Officer: Javier Urbaneja...see more →

Mitsubishi TV / Film ads

Mitsubishi: "Drive your Ambition" by Ampfy

Drive your Ambition Advertising Agency: Ampfy, Brazil Chief Creative Officer: Fred Siqueira...see more →

Pepsi TV / Film ads

Pepsi "Okurrr" by Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Advertising Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, USA Client: Pepsi see more →

Plus Supermarkets TV / Film ads

Plus Supermarkets "Eat Well. Live Well." by JWT

Client: Plus Supermarkets Eat Well. Live Well. Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam,...see more →

Pepsi TV / Film ads

Pepsi "More Than OK" by Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Advertising Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, USA Client: Pepsi see more →

Rhinocort TV / Film ads

Rhinocort "You gotta take charge with Rhino" by JWT

Rhinocort blocks them pesky allergies in case they jump ya & relieves symptoms if they do. Take...see more →

Honda TV / Film ads

Honda: "The Great Escape" by Ogilvy

Loans chase you with interest rates. Don't get caught in the hassle and escape with 0% interest on...see more →

Samsung TV / Film ads

Samsung "Samsung Galaxy A7" by Cheil

Say Hello to the new GalaxyA7 powered by 6GB RAM, 128GB Memory and the revolutionary TripleCamera...see more →

Adidas TV / Film ads

Adidas "Fearless AF" by Kamp Grizzly

Client: Adidas Advertising Agency: Kamp Grizzly, USA Creative Director / Art Director: Tally...see more →

Shell TV / Film ads

Shell Helix Ultra: "Cold" by JWT

Client: Shell Advertising Agency: JWT, London, UK Production Company: Carnage Audio Post Production...see more →

Honda TV / Film ads

Honda: "Centre of Everything" by Publicis

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne, Australia Client: Honda Production Company: Scoundrel...see more →